Birmingham Chilli Festival

I was excited to learn about this event – happening in Brindley Place, Birmingham on the 19th and 20th July. I was then equally disappointed to realise we are away all that weekend at a wedding so unable to go!

I love spicy food and love experimenting with spicy cuisines at home, and put chillis of some kind in everything I can possibly get away with when cooking, so this event would have been right up my street.


Entry is free and  it will feature a variety of stalls selling chilli-inspired food, along with live music and cookery demonstrations from some of the Brindleyplace restaurants.

As well all the great stuff to sample and buy, there is also the infamous chilli eating competition on the Saturday, with brave men (and women) competing to see who can palate the hottest chilli, with some great prizes for the winner!


So, I hope after reading about this all of you that live in Birmingham and the surroudning area head down to this great event, and I will be there in spirit……

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