Capsicana Cookoff: July

I heard about this light hearted contest via the wonderful world of twitter – run by Ben, the owner of Capsicana Chilli Co Company. It has a varying theme, with a few very simple rules

1. Entries must be a main and a pudding

2. The main must contain chilli in some form!

3. Must be all homemade!

This months theme was Classic North American.

Working until half 6 with an entry deadline of 10pm I thought I would go simple for my attempt!

Main: Waldorf salad with a twist, candied chilli walnuts and chill youghurt dressing


Candied Chilli Walnuts


Chilli Youghurt dressing


Waldorf Salad with a Twist


Dessert: American Style Blueberry Pancakes with caramelised bacon, maple syrup, fresh blueberries and cream




Candied Bacon


Need to work on my circular shapes….


The finsihed article


This was a lot of fun – looking forward to seeing everyone else’s entries on twitter and to the next one!


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