Meal Planning Mondays: 15th July 2013

For my first ever foray into ‘Meal Planning Monday’ I’m cheating a little by starting with a week where we are away for the weekend, so only a few meals to plan! Because of the hot weather I’m trying to keep it light and simple – as much as I love cooking, not that keen to be slaving away by a hot stove for too long this week!

Monday: Couscous salad with halloumi and flatbread

Tuesday:  Fish Cakes and Salad

Wednesday: Tuna Niciose Salad

Thursday: Summer Veg Pasta

Friday & Saturday: At a friends wedding

Sunday: Family BBQ for cousins homecoming from Australia


I’ve entered my  plan into the ‘Meal Planning Monday’ link up, hosted by  Mrs M.  You can find meal plans from  other bloggers and recipe inspiration on her blog here!

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