Cocktail Heaven at Ginger’s Bar, Birmingham

I love cocktails and am always on the look out for some new ideas and new flavours to try, the weirder the better! I have my personal favourites (Marguerita and  Bellini) and am especially intrigued to try any twists on these classics. Unknown-1Discovering Ginger’s Bar about 18 months ago not long after it opened was a revelation, some really interesting and quirky cocktails and I have since been back many times with husband and friends. There is no such thing as a boring standard cocktail here, be prepared to open your mind  and for your taste buds to be tantalised! According to the website Ginger’s Bar ’embraces the relaxed vibes of Manhattan, inspired by Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire.’ I  love the decor, it is stylish with a 1930’s twist, very comfortable to relax for the night or just for a pre dinner treat at Purnell’s Bistro. UnknownI do wish though it was a bit bigger – can be a bit hard to get a table on the weekend, a testament to how much people love it!

I went again last weekend and after a few more amazing drinks I decided to write a post about the bar and some of the great cocktails my friends and I have had there from this time and the times before that.

I think that cocktail making is definitely an art form, and just as complex as putting together a new food recipe. You have to have a feel for the flavours, what goes well together and have a bit of creative flare and imagination. The bartenders at Ginger’s do this really well. All cocktails they serve are invented themselves, or a big twist on a classic. No Sex on the Beach here! The cocktails are not extortionately expensive, and the do a great deal on their ‘liquid economics’ range – only £4.50 before 8pm.

A few examples of some of their brilliant creations:

Yellow Lorry: Absolute Mango Vodka – Lime – Mango Puree – Fever Tree Ginger Beer. I loved this one – I am not keen on berry flavoured drinks and prefer all things citrus so this was perfect for me. A friend also tried the other half of the tongue twister, Red Lorry: Makers Mark – Cheery Marnier – Cherry Puree – Cranberry. Now we weren’t as keen on this one, probably because we are not huge whiskey lovers. I think if you like whiskey, you’ll love it!IMG_2401

My friend Charlie had a Basil and Watermelonade last weekend: Basil Infused Absolute Vodka – Watermelon – Midori – Lemon – Sugar – Soda,  which she thought was fantastic, I tried a sip and agreed. You could really taste the basil coming through, and it was a really refreshing drink.

A couple of other gems include the Monkey Nut: Havana Especial Rum – 10 Cane Rum – Peanut Butter – Cream , Cockney Rhyming Sling and zz120613pinkpanther-4309150The Pink Panther

Several months ago I also had what was to be simply the BEST Marguerita I had ever tasted – Scorched Lemon and Vanilla Cinnamon. Just beautiful. At the same visit I was also to experience the strangest but surprisingly moreish combination of lamb fat infused rum, rosemary, and balsamic and honey reduction, the Lamb Provencal

There are also several bellinis to choose from; strawberry, peach and mango, so If your not feeling in an adventurous mood then this is what you should go for!!



A fantastic bar, making sublime cocktails, as well as having a great range of beers, wines ans spirits. For me, one of the best bars in Brum. If you do one thing this weekend, go and have a cocktail at Gingers!

Purnell’s Bistro and Ginger’s Bar,
11 Newhall Street,
B3 3NY

Disclosure: We paid for our own drinks, and all opinions expressed are honest and our own

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