Review: Tasca Dali, Warwick

Last weekend we were headed over to Warwick for a day out, and put a shout out on twitter for some recommendations for somewhere good for lunch – I got a few replies but the one that stood out was for a place called Tasca Dali (thanks Lisette!)


With funky art work on the walls, and seating around aged oak barrel tables, Tasca Dali is quirky and fun. It has a relaxed atmosphere and we were made very welcome by the owner and chef. It was great to be able to see and smell the food cooking and it was clear they had a passion for what they do. It really reminded me of a lazy afternoon in the Med, with nothing better to do than eat, drink and while away the time! Bliss. There is no menu – the food is cooked fresh everyday, whatever takes their fancy from the ingredients that they get and the food just keeps on coming! (they do check you have no allergies etc at the start)

IMG_2816 IMG_2811

We had a few glasses of white wine to wash everything down – they have all their wine options up on chalk boards for you to choose from – a nice touch.

To start off with we were served some olives – and boy were they good ones. I never used to like olives, and to be honest I’m still not overly keen and wouldn’t often order any myself, but when they are as good as these ones, it makes me reconsider this decision!




Duck and scrambled egg

Next up was a plate of perfectly scrambled egg flecked with juicy duck and topped with watercress. This was something I’ve never eaten together before, and would never have thought of, and it was delicious! Meatballs were next – Beef ones with a Rioja and Almond Sauce. Again – superb flavours and probably my favourite dish of the meal. The meatballs were so juicy, and the sauce was to die for. This was swiftly followed by a Chicken Thigh in Lemon and Garlic. What I couldn’t get over is just how fresh and light everything tasted. The skin on the chicken was crisp and perfectly cooked moist chicken underneath. We then started a game of trying to guess what was up next by the smell…I got the next one right. Huge juicy King Prawns swimming in garlic, a bit of olive oil and hint of sweet paprika. Joyous stuff. After this, a perfect Paella – tiny bits of squid, octopus (tentacles and all!), mussels prawns and chorizo with a huge dollop of aoili. We wolfed it down. After this we were getting a little full – the portions were pretty generous I felt compared to a typical ‘tapas’ dish and we were beginning to wonder how many more course there were…Thankfully for our stomachs, the next one was the last. Seared fillet of beef with herbs and olive oil. Served virtually still ‘mooing’ on the plate – fabulous!








Prawns close up!




Seared Beef

This was a unique gem of a restaurant; really refreshing and different – a little slice of Spain in Warwick.

Disclosure: We paid for our own meal, and all opinions expressed are honest and our own

4 thoughts on “Review: Tasca Dali, Warwick

  1. Benn says:

    This place sounds fantastic and really enjoyed reading your review. Thinking of heading over this week, how much did all of those delights set you back?

    Regards A now very hungry Ben


  2. acrusteaten says:

    Sounds great! I love the idea of not knowing what you’re going to have! In California, there is a restaurant I’ve reviewed on my blog, called Piacere, that does a farmer’s market challenge where you bring in stuff you’ve grown or bought at the farmer’s market and the chef makes dishes for you (adding the protein and finishing touches). You never know what you’re going to get, but you do know that it’ll be delicious whatever it is!


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