Tried&Tested: Simon Rimmers’ Crispy Chilli Beef

IMG_3287This is my all-time favourite from the Chinese takeaway. I rarely order anything else and am always on the hunt for an amazing one. Unfortuntely since living in Tamworth I am yet to find anything that compares to ‘Golden Lee’ on London Road in Sheffield where I was a student. So the time has come to see if I can make it myself to satisfy my Chilli beef cravings!

After trawling through a few books and quite a few internet recipes I settled on the one on BBC food by Simon Rimmer. I have stuck basically to his recipe, but added in some extra shredded red chilli as well as the chilli flakes, a finely sliced shallot and finely shredded carrot, but left out the battered carrot.

For the ingredients and recipe – check out the website here

Recipe in Pictures


assemble your ingredients!

Gather everything you need together – the cooking process is so quick that towards the end you don’t want to be hunting through the cupboards for that rice vinegar you’re sure you’ve got hiding somewhere….


Finely shredded Veg


Frying the beef

I think I didn’t shake of the excess batter mixture quite enough when I made it, the batter was a little too thick for me.


The finished article


Close up

Happy eating 🙂

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