Product Review: Chobani Yoghurt


I’m not the biggest yoghurt fan in the world, so when I was invited to a meal to showcase Chobani yoghurt (see my blog piece here) and then to review the product* I was thinking that the yoghurt would have to be really good to impress me. When the yoghurt selection arrived I was quite excited – there was a lovely range of interesting flavours, including a lot of exotic and citrus options which I was pleased with because I’m not such a fan of berry flavoured ones!

The selection of yoghurts I sampled included:

  • blueberry
  • pineapple
  • raspberry
  • passionfriut
  • cherry
  • lemon
  • natural yoghurt


The constancy of the yoghurts was very thick, a lot thicker than the standard supermarket fare. This was a nice factor – the yoghurts really filled you up. I tried them out at various times of the day including for breakfast, with lunch and as a dessert after an evening meal.  IMG_3554For breakfast I had the pineapple yoghurt as a stand alone when I was in a rush – it was plenty substantial and I didn’t feel hungry until lunchtime. I also tried the natural yoghurt with some granola which worked really well. The pineapple flavour was really tangy and I really enjoyed it. I had a couple of the other flavours with my lunches for a few days – the lemon and raspberry were full of flavour, but due to my own tastes I wasn’t as keen on the raspberry. I donated the blueberry to my husband who really liked it and felt it bursting with fruit flavours. My overall favourite thought was the passion fruit flavour –  I could eat that all day long!

I also tried out the natural yoghurt in some home cooking – including replacing cream in pasta suace and stirring through a curry I as making. It worked well in both cases.


I really think it’s worth trying out Chobani yoghurt, I predict you will love it! Chobani is available in supermarkets including Morrisons, Tesco and Asda.

Disclosure: The Chobani samples were provided free of charge but all thoughts and opinions are our own.

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