New Cookbooks!!

Being a couple of foodies, it will come as no surprise that between us the Christmas we got a fair haul of new cookbooks! Add to these the 4 that I bought from a great St Giles Hospice Bookshop near me today (all 4 for £7!) and this makes quite a lot of bedtime reading for me to do! I love flicking through a cookbook in the evening and jotting down ideas of the recipes I want to try out or things they inspire me to try.

I thought I’d share with you what we got and a few pics of  the books.


  • Nigel Slater – Eat: I’ve wanted this since the minute it came out, its such a great book. The style is quite different to other books and she you read his words you can just imagine him speaking them 🙂
  • Gordon Ramsay – Ultimate Cookery Course
  • Michel Roux Jr – Cooking with the master chef: Lee’s fav chef, one of the few of his books he hasn’t got already
  • Gok Cooks Chinese: One for me and my Asian experiments
  • Pitt Cue Co: Another one of Lee’s – he’s really into smoking, BBQing etc. His perfect book and he’s already planning how we can smoke stuff in our kitchen!
  • HummingBird Bakery – Home Sweet Home: a really great looking book and their recipes work every time!


and the ones I got today from the charity shop – a couple of classics amongst them I think!

  • Hairy Bikers Mums know Best
  • Bill Grainger – Everyday
  • Delias Frugal Food
  • Nigella Lawson – Nigella Bites


Did you get any cookbooks for Christmas? I’d love to know what you got! Let me know in the comments or send me a twitter message!


5 thoughts on “New Cookbooks!!

  1. Julie says:

    What a great collection of cookery books. I didn’t get any this Christmas probably because I keep buying them myself. Do keep us posted on which books and recipes you like best.


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