Interview with…..Stacie Stewart

On our recent trip to the BBC Good Food Show, as part of their blogger team, we were lucky enough to meet Stacie Stewart and spend a little bit of time quizzing her about all things food related!


Stacie got to the semi finals of Masterchef several years ago and has since moved on to become a household name in the cooking and baking world. First of all she opened her own bakery, The Beehive, has been a regular on programmes such as This morning and Market Kitchen, was a judge on Food Glorious Food in 2013 and most recently has seen the launch of her first cookbook, Stacie Bakes.


Hi Stacie! So you’re a self-taught cook and baker – how did you get into food and what is your inspiration?

Well originally it all goes back to when I was 4-5 years old and cooking with my nan. I came from a really large family and we all used to be in the kitchen with my nan, baking and cooking together after school. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t fancy stuff but it was great fun and I loved it! Since then I really admire chefs like Jamie Oliver, James Martin and Delia Smith, they all cook good hearty food.

Your career since masterchef has taken you in several different direction – tv chef, judge, cookbooks, your own bakery and cookery school – do you have a highlight so far?

I think one of the highlights so far was getting the call from ITV to go and cook on this morning. The first thing I cooked live on the TV was a Rhubarb Crumble Trifle and I can remember I was so nervous! But I think it turned out well…they had me back quite a few times after that!

Do you have a signature or favourite thing to bake?

Jam Roly Poly and Custard. No question.

You’ve recently been a judge on Food Glorious Food – did having been judged yourself on Masterchef change the way you went about judging?

No I don’t think so. Food Glorious Food was always meant to be more of a comedic programme than master chef which was much more serious. I was truthful, and didn’t shy away from the truth, but it was always more light hearted.

If there was one chef you could get to cook for you who would it be?

Marco Pierre White.

Said without a moments hesitation there! Why?

Because he’s so hot!

Do you have a favourite ingredient?

Definitely garlic. I love garlic, I could eat a garlic sandwich!

What has been your most embarrassing moment in the kitchen?

I don’t know about in the kitchen, but one of the worst moments I can remember was when I was delivering a wedding cake that I had been slaving over to the wedding venue and I dropped it! The layers kind of slid around a bit! I managed to patch it up…and I don’t think they noticed! I as sitting by the phone all the rest of the day waiting for that dreaded phone call with the bride’s mother on the other end complaining..but it never came!

If cooking is your first love, what would be your second?

Ahh the other loves of my life are DJ-ing and dancing. I do loads of that at the weekends and I’m really into Northern Soul and the Mod Culture.

With cupcakes being so huge over the last few years, what do you think might be the next baking trend?

I don’t really care about the next big thing to be honest – I’m more about the traditional, bringing back the old favourites sometimes with a little twist here and there. I don’t really pay that much attention to the current trends or fads.

What’s next for you in your career?

Well at the moment I’m working on my second cookbook which I hope is going to be out in 2015 so watch this space!

It was great talking to Stacie, look out for her on your TV screens and bookshop shelves near you soon!

Roz πŸ™‚

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