Foodie Things to Do in…Leamington Spa


Husband Lee and I have recently been doing a bit of exploring near where we live. We’re just on the border of Warwickshire so have been taking the opportunity to explore some of the towns and villages nearby. About 40 minutes from us is the town of Leamington Spa, somewhere we’ve both been a couple of times before but never really explored very well. One thing we discovered…Leamington really is a haven for foodies! Everywhere we turned there was something food related, from cafés and restaurants galore, delicatessens, grocers, you name it, Leamington has it! These are some our favourite new finds and tried and tested favourites.

Firstly, lets talk about places to eat. We had lunch at the Regency Arms, where we’d not been before but I would recommend for a nice relaxed lunch at fair prices. You can read more about this in my post here. A tried and tested place is the Star and Garter Pub, part of the Peach Pub brand  – always pretty decent grub and a good selection. A different style of dining can be found at the Larder, where you can help yourself to the delicious homemade food and cake and sit looking out the window watching the world go by. Another gem in many people eyes is Corleone Cafe – from the outside you could imagine yourself in the back streets of the Mediterranean and the smell that exudes of the front is exquisite. The go to place for cake though has to be Vinteas. Simply fab cake and afternoon tea is served here, but be warned, it gets super busy, so book if you don’t want to be disappointed.




Moving on from places to eat, there are also plenty of places to buy stuff to take home. I’ve never seen such a lot of delis in a small space. We only had a look round a couple, but you can take your pick from Warwick Street Kitchen, Deli-cious, The Rustic Food Company, and the rather impressive deli area of Aubrey Allen butchers shop.




Now speaking of Aubrey Allen, this butcher is fantastic – packed with some of the most amazing looking meat, and some slightly more offbeat meats as well that you don’t always come across in your local butcher. It’s not cheap, but it is quality stuff. We picked up some great looking rabbit, as well as stocking up on some black pudding, sausages and a lamb leg joint, which I think we might have for Sunday Roast this week.






We also came across a grocers shop packed floor to ceiling of fruit and veg, including some less run of the mill things including fresh horseradish, wild mushrooms and salsify. At this point in the day I’m considering going home, putting my house on the market and moving to Leamington quick sharp!!


We also came across a quaint little sweet shop and a fish monger with a huge array of produce.



I loved Leamington, and will be heading back there soon to explore some more, and pick up some more great local produce. I’m sure we haven’t found half the gems that exist here, so I would love to know if any of you have any suggestions for places we should seek out next time. Please let me know in the comments below!

Roz 🙂

3 thoughts on “Foodie Things to Do in…Leamington Spa

  1. Julie says:

    Did you visit blueberry hill patisserie in Leamington? It is a great spot for coffee, cake or a spot of lunch. It’s on Chandos Street.m


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