A Weekend near Woburn


A few weekends ago we headed down south for a little for a weekend away. On the Friday night we were staying in Bedford, at a lovely gastropub called The Embankment. The Embankment is part of the Peach Pub Group which has pubs all over from Warwickshire down to Surrey. The pub itself has a number of rooms, and we were lucky enough to get one that overlooks the River Ouse. It was a really pretty location both in the dark, and the next morning bathed in Sunshine. We ate at the Embankment that night, and of note the Sirloin on the bone Steak was fantastic and had great flavour. The Deli board we had to share to start with also had some great elements including Aubrey Allen Ham, celeriac remoulade and tomato and chorizo stew. The bed was uber comfortable (a true measure of a great room) but we managed to force ourselves out of it for breakfast, which again was lovely. We both plumped for something egg based – Benedict for Lee and Royale for me and the Hollandaise was superb on both.







Just under half an hour from Bedford is Woburn, a pretty little village and the vast Woburn Estate that encompasses a huge Deerpark, Woburn Abbey and Woburn Safari Park as well as Paris House Michelin Star Restaurant. Our aim for the day was to cover them all!! It was gorgeous sunny day although still a little cold but perfect weather for strolling around. In the morning we visited the Abbey, Gardens and Deerpark. Seeing deer in such vast numbers in the ‘wild’ was amazing, something I’ve never seen before. Really sleek creatures and the size of the antlers on some were phenomenal.







After lunch we headed to the Safari Park. The highlight of this being up close and personal with a majestic tiger (behind the relative safely of our car doors) and subsequently being chased up the road by said tiger. I had palpitations – you never know how vulnerable a car may turn out to be!! We also had a lot of fun with the monkeys – ever playful creatures these took much joy in bouncing on everyones cars which was great to watch. Amongst others that we saw, the Rhinos, Lions, Penguins and Lemurs all fascinated me too. You could walk through the lemur enclosure, and one of the lemurs hurtled towards us from a tree at startling pace…luckily we we just on his chosen route to the feeding hatch and not his prey itself!
















As the sun was setting we headed back to our car and the drive back up to Birmingham very tired, but very happy after a really lovely weekend.

Have you beed to Woburn or visited anywhere else in Bedfordshire? I’d love to hear about it.

Roz  🙂

PS  – sorry about the overload of tiger pics. She was just so gorgeous and this isn’t even half of the ones I took!

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