Tried&Tested: Nigella’s Caramel Croissant Pudding

I came across this recipe in my recently acquired copy of Nigella Express. It immediately jumped out at me as one I wanted to try. I am not a great fan of baked custardy desserts and have yet to find and bread and butter pudding recipe that has converted me into a fan, so this seemed like an interesting variation on one to continue that search! I like croissants, and love caramel based desserts so what could go wrong?!

As Nigella states in the book, she feels that the best recipes often come from the ‘thrifty refusal to throw anything away’ and seeing as we bought croissants for the weekend but had not eaten them all, instead of sticking them in the freezer I left them out over night to go a bit stale and cooked this!

The recipe suggests using bourbon or rum, we went for spiced rum as this is what we had on the drinks shelf and it worked really well. The recipe really was quite delicious, and possibly even better the second night when we reheated it. A perfect dessert with an extra splash of cream to make it all the more indulgent!

You can find the recipe on Nigella’s website

Happy eating 🙂


Stale croissants roughly torn up in a gratin dish


Making the caramel


Make the caramel into the custard then pour over the croissants

IMG_3959Fresh out of the oven

IMG_3962Ready to eat!

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