A Mexican Pulled Pork Feast


Continuing with  our mission to make good use of our slow cooker, last Sunday we decided to try some pulled pork. We picked up a lovely shoulder from the Chase Farm Shop near us, and decided to make some tacos. I love slow cooking because its just so simple – you can just chuck in the meat and then leave it alone all day, then bang. Its ready. For this pulled pork we made the ‘House rub’ from the Pitt Cue Co Book – an immense book, you really should check it out. I so want to eat at their restaurant in London, its definitely on our hitlist next time we’re down. The rub is essentially a mix of lots of different spices, sugar and salt. You rub the pork and then leave it in the fridge to absorb overnight. It gives a really good flavour.Then pop the pork in the cooker on low with a few tbsps water for 10 hours. The meat then falls apart and you can just pull it into shreds with a fork.




We went Mexican for our pork this time so made a selection of things to go with it. Firstly Pink Pickled Onions, which I’ve blogged about before, as well as a tomato salsa and fresh guacamole. Add in some salad leaves, sour cream and some mexican hot chipotle sauce and a mighty sunday night alternative feast is born.

For our salsa we used tomatoes, spring onion, coriander and a little red chilli, whilst the guacamole was mashed avocado, green chilli, red onion lime juice seasoning and lots more coriander. Fresh salsa and guacamole is so much more delicious than shop bought stuff and so easy to make. Here’s a few pics of our feast.

Happy eating 🙂





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