Review: Bun & Bowl, Birmingham

Bun & Bowl is a another of the recent openings in Brum city centre, and is part of the Cube complex. They brand themselves as a ‘deluxe burger and shrimp restaurant’ so would their food live up to the tag line?

We popped on a blazing sunny day recently when all other restaurants in the mailbox were packed out with diners – Bun & Bowl wasn’t so busy, but I’ll blame that on the lack of outside seating.

We ordered a starter of shrimp to share to begin with, served with lemon parsley and garlic. The portion was pretty good and they went down a treat. They were served in a broth of sorts which was really tasty and I wished there was more bread to soak it up. Even my husband was impressed, and thats saying something as he is NOT a prawn fan in general.


For mains Lee went for the Pulled Beef Rib Sandwich. He really enjoyed this, it was laden with tangy BBQ sauce and the meat was really tender. I went for the sliders –  a trio of mini burgers. Their original naked burger, plus 2 others of your choice. I went for the Inferno ( with chilli salsa and caramelised onions) and the Iberian (with chorizo and red pepper). Unfortunatly I was disappointed with my burgers – I found them really dry. And the inferno burger was missing the chilli salsa. Now I know that fellow bloggers OutinBrum have also been to Bun&Bowl recently and enjoyed the burgers, finding them juicy. So either they were lucky, or I was unlucky. Only a re-visit will clear that one up! We also shared some wedges which were lovely and spicy and came with creamy garlic mayo.



Service felt a little haphazard at times, but this can be forgiven, given the recent opening.

Oh, I almost forgot. I had an oreo milkshake to drink, and it was the best milkshake I’ve had in recent times!


I would go back, but I will probably stick to shrimp only on my next visit as they were fab!

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