How to…..Make Gnocchi


I’m a pretty amateur cook, and probably lack quite a few basic skills in the kitchen! Thus when recipes say things like…’make a batch of shortcrust pastry’ or ‘make a hollandaise’ I’m off scampering to look for yet another book to tell me how to make these before I can move on! Out of this my How to…. series has been born – a series of posts covering some of those basics that I’ve never tried or struggle with, in my efforts to be a better cook! First up in the series was making tagliatelle and Next up  is something I’ve been wanting to try out for ages – gnocchi. I eventually got a potato ricer for Christmas so have been giving this a good go over the last few weeks and this is the recipe that I have found works best after a bit of trial and error!

Makes enough to serve 4-6


  • 500g floury potatoes (e.g Maris Piper)
  • 100g plain flour
  • 1 whole egg
  • 1 egg yolk
  • salt and white pepper


  1. Boil the potatoes in the skins until soft, drain and leave to cool
  2. Peel, then push through a potato ricer or sieve, and beat in all the other ingredients, but do not overwork
  3. Leave in the fridge to rest for 20 minutes
  4. Shape in to balls the size of marbles, or roll into a cylinder shape and cut into about 1 inch pieces.
  5. Press each slightly with the prongs of a fork
  6. Cook in boiling salted water – they will rise to the top when ready
  7. Drain, then when ready to serve fry until lightly golden
  8. Serve with any sauce of your choosing or experiment by adding fresh herbs or spices to the mix before cooking.

Happy eating 🙂








8 thoughts on “How to…..Make Gnocchi

  1. The Lu Life says:

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve always loved this dish that I first had in Prague, and it’s a combo of gnocchi, sauerkraut and smoked ham. And ever since, I’ve made it using store bought gnocchi, so I’ll give this a try!


  2. taylahc25 says:

    Always wanted to make gnocchi from scratch too..may give it a try now!! 🙂 Do you have the recipe for the sauce you served it in too – it looks delicious!! 😀 x


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