Review: Raja Monkey Cafe, Birmingham


Our first trip to Raja Monkey has been a long time coming. Part of Aktar Islams’ Lasan group, we had been hearing for ages about the great authentic food they were doing but just hadn’t managed to get over there to check it out. Probably because its a little way out of town in Hall Green, not the simplest place to get to from us over in Tamworth.

I really wish we hadn’t waited so long, because it really was some fantastic Indian food.

I didn’t take too many photos because it was quite dark in the restaurant, they weren’t coming out that well.

To start we ordered some Papad (papadoms) with a selection of salad and chutney. The chutney and pickle selection was excellent, as were the papad themselves, you could tell they were freshly cooked.


To start we ordered both the Fish and Vegetable starters. The first composed of FISH AMRITSARI, SALMON MAHI & FISH TIKIYA and the second SHINGARA,(potato and pea samosa) MAKKI-KA TIKKI (potato and seetcorn cake) & ONION BHAJEE (onion spinach and lentil fritter) 



All elements of both were perfectly cooked, and delicately spiced, some packing a punch and a couple a little more mellow. The little fresh zingy salad, tamarind sauce and mint and coriander dip that came with was also so flavourful.

Raja Monkey’s speciality is Thalis – basically a complete meal on a tray – curry, rice, bread, veg and dhal. Who could ask for more. I went for the Hyderbadi Beef Biryani Thali whilst Lee had the Rajastani Mutton Thali. Both were thoroughly enjoyed. Particualr plaudits went to the lovely little vegetable dish that came with both Thalis, and Lee’s falling apart mutton meat.


A real triumph of Indian food, and we won’t leave it too long until we’re back again.


Disclosure: We paid for our own meal, and all opinions expressed are honest and our own

5 thoughts on “Review: Raja Monkey Cafe, Birmingham

  1. andydhare says:

    Nice review Roz, haven’t yet visited Raja Monkey to eat in yet, but have had many takeaways from them. They are superb too:) Like the look of the thalis, would be good for veggies.


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