Red Velvet Loaf Cake


Red velvet cupcakes can be found in abundance now on blogs and recipe websites on the net, but they’re all basically the same, with varying quantities and little additions here and there. My fail safe always has to be the one from the Hummingbird Bakery which you can find online here. Instead of cupcakes I thought I would try making the same recipe into a loaf cake instead. I used the same quantities as in the above recipe for the sponge – it worked well and there was a little mix left over – enough for 2 cupcakes which i used to then crumble over the top as decoration. I halved the quantities for the icing and this was a perfect amount too.


It really is important to use a really good quality red food colouring for the sponge, the only ones I’ve found give a good enough colour are the Dr Oetker ones or sugar flair. Any others you have to add copious amounts and this can lead to a slightly odd flavour to the cake. I love the rich chocolatey flavour of the sponge withe the contrast of the cream cheese frosting which cuts through the cake and keeps the whole thing from being too sweet.

Happy eating 🙂







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