Brown and Green Delicatessen


Just a quick post today to tell you all about a recent little discovery: Brown and Green Delicatessen. We discovered their fantastic shop on the Trentham Estate on a visit over Easter, and on further research actually discovered they have a few more dotted over England.

They pride themselves on bringing together local, ethical and artisan food and drink. Supporting local producers, caring about seasonality, finding new and distinctive produce and looking for high standards of animal welfare.


The produce differs from store to store, and the range of goods they have in their shop on the trentham estate was staggering. Fresh fruit and veg, a butchery and deli coutner as well as tonnes of homemade chutneys, preserves and a whole host of other things. I enjoyed seeing some of out favourite local producers on their shelves, including Just Oils and The Kitchens’ Fine Food Co. Definetly one of the best Deli’s I have come across in recent times, a shame it’s a bit far away from us for that weekly shop!!

Have a sneak peek inside the store below!








Brown and Green
Trentham Shopping Village
Stone Road
Nr Stoke-on-Trent

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