Passion Fruit & White Chocolate Cake


I found this recipe whilst browsing through my new recipe book – The Clandestine Cake Club. You can find the recipe on another blog here as well. I thought it look a refreshing change and something completely different that I hadn’t tried before, whilst still encompassing my favourite, chocolate.

It uses passion fruit curd in the sponge, as well as the filling and topping. The recipe explains how to make your own passionfruit curd, but I cheated and used the Passion Fruit Curd we had in the fridge from the The Bay Tree as its SO yummy.

I also increased the quantities of the icing as I didn’t think there would be enough to provide a decent amount of filling and topping. I also put some extra grated white chocolate over the top just for a bit of extra texture and visual appeal.

All in all I really loved this cake, it was moist and the passion fruit and chocolate combination seemed to work really well.

I think i may try it again using a different kind of curd, maybe try something a little off the wall!

Happy eating 🙂





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