Review: The Bull’s Head, Repton

Having heard several good reports of the food at The Bulls Head in Repton, Derbyshire, a few Saturdays ago we were in the area in the early afternoon, having spent a fabulous morning at Calke Abbey so thought we would chance our arm at getting a table. The pub was packed when we arrived, both in the restaurant and bar area but we managed to grab a table in the bar.

The pub offers 2 separate menus, cooked in 2 kitchens – the normal kitchen and their special pizza kitchen, complete with wood fired pizza oven. You can mix and match what you order from both the menus – but as the food is cooked in different kitchens – it will come when its ready, so you have to be prepared for this.

We decided this time to stick to the Pizza menu. The choices of pizza were vast – and if you’re a fan of unusual and strange pizza toppings, this is certainly the place for you.


I went for the SHANGHAI – Shredded confit duck + red onion + hoisin +cucumber +fresh red chilli + spring onion + deep friend noodles + mozzarella.  The pizzas were absolutely huge – if I’m honest sharing one with a side of salad or chips would be perfectly adequate! I love the flavours though. I’m definitley not a purist when it comes to pizzas so loved the choice of toppings. There were so many that sounded amazing, there’s definitely one for everyone on there I think.


My husband decided to go for the BOSTON – Gloucester old spot pull pork shoulder + peppers + bacon + red onion +cajun + parsley + sliced tomatoes + BBQ sauce + Bulls Head Tomato sauce + mozzarella. He loved the pizza too – the bases were light and nicely charred and the toppings all fresh, flavoursome and well seasoned. We also shared some Real Chips and a House Salad. The salad was well put together with an array of ingredients, croutons and lovely dressing – which was a lovely touch, side salads can so often be boring and bland.



Our lunch at the Bulls Head was great – and its certainly on the list for a return visit to try the other menu!

Disclosure: We paid in full for our lunch and the pub was not aware that we would be blogging about the meal. 

3 thoughts on “Review: The Bull’s Head, Repton

  1. Becki Explorer says:

    This place is so close to me but I’ve never been! I’ve only ever heard good things about the place….although I’ve never heard of it’s pizza side (otherwise I think I’d have payed a visit by now!!!)

    B x


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