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Celebrating Spring with Seasonal Markets

Just a quick post today.

Yesterday we popped along to the Spring Seasonal market at The Bond Co in Digbeth.   They run a market, yep you guessed it, once a season with a great range of Street Food, Artisan Producers and Craft Stalls.

the bond

The sun was blazing and it seemed like the whole of Birmingham descended on the market. Luckily we got in early so we enjoyed a browse and grabbed some food without too much of a queue at all. By the time we left the place was heaving and you could hardly move, let alone decipher which long queue was which!

seasonal markets   IMG_6744


We picked up some Wild Garlic Foccacia from Peel & Stone, as well a few nice cheeses – Tomme de Savoie, Munster and Morbier from the Cheese Man. A producer we had not come across before, Tiny Seeds, led us to discover their spiced peaches, pears and blueberries which are going to be perfect and a little different for when we eat all the above cheese! And of course we couldn’t leave without a box of goodies from Bake.





Obviously we had to have a little bit of street food whilst there. We opted for some Tacos from Smoqued – a vendor we’d not tried before and they were very tasty, although at 2 tacos for £6 we felt they were a little on the expensive side. We also raided the Hungry Toad for some Chicken Wings and Some of their Ribs. licks fingers. A couple of hours well spent!





The next market is on the 11th July – put it in your diary!

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