Sizzling Salmon

Sizzling Salmon Cups: A Stoves UK & Shelina Permalloo Recipe


A few weeks ago I headed to the BBC Good Food Show – you can read my round up here. One of my favourite bits is always watching the chefs cook dishes on the small demo stages that are dotted about.

This years Stoves UK were sponsoring the Live Cook Stage with the likes of Michael Caines, Tom Kerridge and Brian Turner amongst the featured Chefs. I really enjoyed watching Michael Caines cook his Baked Salmon and Watercress Salad recipe, in fact all of the recipes on the Stoves stage line up sounded great! The one that jumped out at me though to try and recreate was Shelina Permalloos Sizzling Mexican Salmon Cups. I have one of her recipe books as well and really love her cooking style.

You can get the recipe here if you would like to recreate it!

It’s really simple to make, and the whole thing can be done in the time it takes for the salmon to cook. Its also pretty healthy and carb free – perfect for a work night supper.

Here’s some pics of the finished dish






Disclosure: Stoves sent me supermarket vouchers to purchase the ingredients to recreate this recipe. No other compensation was received

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