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Uk Burger Battle Round 4

Just before Christmas I brought you a review of the very first UK Burger Battle. Now 6 months down the line and these one on one battles are a raving success and a few weeks ago saw the 4th event! Take a look at my previous post to find out all about how it works, and lets take a look at the contenders for the most recent event.




Original Patty Men come from Birmingham themselves and are huge on the Birmingham Street Food Scene – I adore their burgers! Grillstock were a new one for me to try – huge down in their native Bristol they are renowned for their food. The event seemed much more streamlined than the first one I attended – better queueing systems and more seating. We got down there early and hardly had any wait for either burger.



So speaking of the burgers, lets have a look at the offerings



Both sounded really great to me! I have a few requirements in my burger to really make it hit the spot for my tastebuds – firstly the patty itself being not TOO thick, a really tangy or zingy element, be it pickles or sauce, to cut through the rich meat and finally the burger bun must NOT disintegrate whilst eating!


Grillstock SmokeStack




OPM Tony Sopranos Wet Dream


On this occasion – my standout winner was from Grillstock. It met all my requirements and was bloody amazing. Although I really enjoyed the OPM burger, I found the mushrooms on the bottom made the bread too soggy and it fell apart, and the salami crisps although delicious on their own, weren’t as easy to eat in the burger itself. This is why Grillsotck just edged it for me. My views however on this occasion didn’t echo the crowd or the judges – OPM won both votes overall.

Rumour has it that the next battle is really going to be something special, so watch this space!

Disclosure: My tickets to the battle were complimentary. I was not asked to write about the event in return, but obviously I wanted to. Who doesn’t want to see pictures of drool worthy burgers?!

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