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Review: Emirates #HelloEast Food Festival

When an email popped into my inbox telling my about an upcoming food festival I’d not heard of, I was intrigued. Airline Emirates have been putting on their #helloeast festival in a few cities across the country over the past couple of months and this weekend it rolled into Birmingham.

Over yesterday and today (4th & 5th July), Centenery Square has been turned into a riot of colour and sights. With a central seating area and surrounding stalls it was a lovely way to spend a couple of hours.






My friend Laura and I grabbed a couple of their cocktails (an Apple and Kiwi Bellini for me, Mango Daiquiri for her) and took a seat to watch some of the entertainment that included Belly Dancers and African Tribal Dancing.





After some raucous chanting from the dancers we had a browse of the food available. Between us we tried the Thai Chicken Burger with Sambal & Slaw, Chilli Squid and a Samosa Chaat, polished off with another drink.






Thanks Emirates for a fun day out in the sunshine, and readers, get on down today!!

Disclosure: Emirates sent me a few food and drink tokens to go and enjoy the festivities. I wasn’t expected to write about the event.

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