Review: Traditional Tapas at Can Nuts

Whilst in Cala Llonga we came across this colourful little place below called Can Nuts. It was a tiny place that oozed charm and character. We loved it from start to finish – from the friendly owner to the amazing tapas to the huge goblets of gin.




They did a mean sangria as well.



All the food was cooked from scratch – most of the tapas was done just behind the bar. They had some fantastic loaded salads flecked with crunchy nuts and seeds, jewelled pomegranate seeds, sprouting seeds and goji berries – much more than your standard salad here. But the real deal was the tapas. I didn’t get that many pictures unfortunately but the croquettes really stood out – Jamon and Cod, the delicious sobrasada, Pork Fillet in Garlic, and huge shell on prawns. Probably the best ‘traditional’ food we had whilst we were there.



It’s always a given in the mediterranean that after dinner they bring over a digestif of sorts. Limoncello is the common one, but whilst in Ibiza we had several – at Can Nuts we tried Heirbas for the first time –Β made on the island for over 200 years, it is aniseed flavoured with extracts of a variety of plants and herbs.

If you visit Cala Llonga this is one not to miss.

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