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Review: Poms Kitchen & Deli, Lichfield

It’s my dream to open a little delicatessen. And I had my heart set on the little city of Lichfield which is crying out for a decent Deli. Unfortunately my dream is far from a reality, at least for now so, I’ll just have to settle for visiting those run by others.

Poms in Lichfield has recently opened so I headed over to check it out. I didn’t realise from following them on twitter that their emphasis is probably more on the kitchen than the Deli, and although they do have a dedicated corner of the building with some fantastic produce from lots of my favourites, including the Sauce Shop and Scarlett Mustard, it’s a bit small.


I liked the decor of the place – stripped back wood with some bright flashes of colour, and a great retro lightbulb sign. I like the open kitchen, but they might want to ask the chefs to keep it down a bit when they aren’t talking about the food itself. I didn’t particularly need to know that the chef was going for fag outside or what they had got up to that weekend!



The menu struck us as rather large for a new opening and quite a small place, but it sounded very appealing. We started off with a couple of Luscombe drinks.


As we were only passing through for lunch we chose a Butchers Board to share, from their Deli Board Section and some fries with alioli.

The Butchers Board comprised of a Pork Pie, Ham Hock terrine, Forest Pig Charcuterie, Chicken Wings, Ciabatta, Picalilli & Onion Chutney.


The food in general was very decent. But I’d like to go back and try a few more things before really giving an informed opinion, it’s a bit cruel to judge from just a Deli Board! The service was friendly overall but maybe a little bit chaotic. This could be a fantastic café with a bit of time to bed in so I look forward to seeing where it goes.

6 thoughts on “Review: Poms Kitchen & Deli, Lichfield

  1. Emily says:

    The deli board looks yum! I didn’t realise Luscombe did all those flavours too. Can you open a deli please and then I can make macarons for your shop too. Win win 🙂


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