Ireland Holiday 2015

Review: Westport Woods Hotel, Westport Ireland

Yesterday I told you about the first day of our Ireland Road Trip – before we set of we stayed at the Westport Woods Hotel – it was the hotel our friends had chosen for their wedding reception.  It wasn’t the cheapest of hotels, even with a wedding party discount so I was hoping for luxury and good things.


It’s located on the road out of Westport towards the Quay, with about a 10 minute walk including a steepish hill to either one. Ideally located if you like a walk, but not as good for the more elderly unless you have a car.

It’s a low-rise hotel, so 3 floors at its tallest, but this results in it being quite a trek to some of the rooms. The rooms themselves were considerably spacious, which was really nice to see.


A little old-fashioned in decor, especially compared to the communal areas like the lobby and reception venue which had obviously had a recent revamp.


It’s always nice to have a separate sitting area, to save spending too much time sitting on the beds themselves. The bathroom was also very spacious, and sparkling clean. There were products to use, but these were the ‘attached to the wall refillable type’ which I am always less keen on, as the hotel could easily refill with cheap and nasty products instead of what is on the bottles.




Breakfast was a large buffet affair, and actually was very well done. With all the Irish Breakfast trimmings on offer as well as pastries and a wide range of cereals and fruit it was one of the nicer buffet breakfasts I’ve had.


The leisure facilities are also really decent, with a full spa on offer and a whole range of treatments. We hardly got to indulge as the two days were packed full but it’s definitely a highlight of the hotel.


Staff were friendly throughout, from the reception down to the slightly creepy handyman who seemed to be constantly wandering the halls who always asked how your day was going.

Overall, a thoroughly decent hotel, a little old-fashioned in places but with good rooms and friendly staff, with maybe a slightly high price point for what you get.

4 thoughts on “Review: Westport Woods Hotel, Westport Ireland

  1. @ChelsCoult3 says:

    Looks like a nice hotel. You’re right about it looking a little old fashioned in certain area’s but it looks clean and tidy which is the main thing and it would get a bonus point from me for having a bath. Sadly I don’t have a bath (shower only) and miss it so much so it’s always a great sign when I visit a hotel and it has a bath. Definitely the simple things in life eh

    Chelsea |


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