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Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way Day 3: Dingle to Kinsale

Day 3 of our trip started with a short hop to Inch Strand, a long strip of beach jutting out into the sea with waves lapping both sides.



We then hit the south coast to visit a few eerie and age old attractions. First Lough Hyne, a still marine lake housing loads of wildlife including things like triggerfish.




Then it was on to Drombeg, an ancient stone circle a little like a smaller Stonehenge. Here there was also an old cooking site and well both of which were fascinating to look around, with views out towards the Atlantic it was a place of peace and serenity.




From here we had a roadside fish and chip lunch – with cod caught down the road that morning. nothing better than fresh local eating. After this we headed to Clonakilty, where the butchers shop, founder of the original black pudding is situated. The town itself wasn’t up to much but it was fun to visit the shop!





Last stop of the day via driving through quaint little fishing villages was the Old Head of Kinsale. A piece of land jutting out of sea, home to a famous golf course, beaches flecked with rock pools and of course, stunning views out to sea. Before heading towards our bed for the night in Kinsale itself, what else to do that explore the beach and rock pools – and look what we found!





The 4th leg of our journey will take us from Kinsale to Ardmore, in County Waterford. Stay tuned!

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