Cocktail Time: Elderflower Breeze

It’s the weekend again, yay! So following on from my very first cocktail recipe, these Pink Grapefruit Margaritas and these Cinnamon White Russians, I’ve decided that making cocktails is almost as much fun as drinking them! So except to see a few more recipes, starting with this Elderflower Breeze.


I like sharp and sweet flavours in cocktails so wanted to create something along these lines. This one uses purely vodka as the spirit combined with elderflower and lemon, which are such light flavours and perfect for a long refreshing drink to celebrate the end of the working week in style!



Makes 2 drinks


  • 50ml Vodka
  • 50ml Elderflower cordial
  • 200ml Tonic ( we used Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic)
  • 25 ml Sugar Syrup
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • Ice Cubes
  • lemon peel/slices to deocrate


  1. Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Add plenty of ice and shake hard for 30 seconds.
  2. Strain into two glasses filled with crushed  or cubes of ice.

Happy drinking







If you like the idea of some mixology in your own home try out some of these other vodka or elderflower based drinks!

The English Garden from Super Golden Bakes

Stawberries & Champagne Granita from Lovely Appetite

Mint & Elderflower Slushie from Coriander Queen

6 thoughts on “Cocktail Time: Elderflower Breeze

  1. knattster says:

    Drinking the cocktails is definitely more fun than making them, so if you want more practice feel free to come to mine and make me a selection :). I love elderflower in cocktails so will definitely give these a try.


  2. Coriander Queen says:

    This looks so tasty and refreshing, I love the stripy yellow straws too! I totally agree, making cocktails is really fun! But drinking them is more fun!


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