Ireland Hol 2015

Review: The Bulman Inn

We found this gem of a pub through no fault of our own. It was purely the genius of our amiable host from the Cloisters B&B who pointed us in its direction for lunch when we went up to have a look round Charles Fort. And mightily grateful to her we were too.


It was everything I thought an Irish pub should be – warm, inviting, walls covered with random and eclectic stuff and a local fresh seafood heavy menu. Perfect.

We got there on the dot of 1230 when it opened, and the hoards soon followed. tables were full by 1250. The small menu had an abundance of fresh locally caught seafood, to the point that there were no mussels on the menu, as no one had caught any that morning. You cant ask more than that for freshness.



Lee decided on the local battered haddock. As if we hadn’t had enough fish and chips that holiday, whilst I decided on the half lobster with garlic butter and herb salad. For the bargain price of 16.50 euros (Around £12) What a deal.

DSC_0543 DSC_0546 DSC_0544 IMG_8215

Both meals were really delicious and we couldn’t fault the cooking. They know how to cook their fish! Washed down by a Guinness and a lemonade (not together!) it was a fabulous lunch, and my only regret is that it’s not my local!

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