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Kitchen Bites #15 June 2016

I can’t believe how fast the months are flying at the moment – although I feel like I say that every time I write one of my Kitchen Bites posts! Some fab and interesting things to tell you about this month, so lets crack on!

Firstly, a lovely package of products from We Love Tea. A selection of their different teas to try – both loose leaf and individually bagged packets alongside their Simplicitea Infuser.



Now I must say that this gadget is one of the best things I’ve seen in ages. Its perfect for loose leaf tea and is so simple to use, hence the name! Simply pop in the leaves pour on water and leave to infuse. When strong enough to you tastes you just simply rest the infused on top of your mug and the slight pressure opens a valve and the tea runs into the cup – no chance of spilling anything!


I’ve really been enjoying the Assam along with their Moroccan Mint.


A really vibrant new cookbook has graced my postbox this month too – a real cracker for summer. Savage Salads, by Davide Del Gatto & Kristina Gustafsson is packed full of interesting and different twists on salads, ensuring that they will never be boring! The pair have spent years serving satisfying salads from their London food stall and they’re experts at creating punchy flavours and exciting combinations.


I love the styling in the book – simple flat lays of ingredients rather than the completed salad, letting you really use your imagination. My favourite so far is this Bulgar Wheat and Pumkin Salad, but their are plenty to try!


Savage salads is out now this June and published by Frances Lincoln, priced £16.99

New from APE, are a slightly unusual snack – crispy coconut curls! This isn’t something I’ve seen before and I wasn’t quite sure about them before trying them. I was pleasantly surprised though, the savoury hit from the salt and the pepper was unusual but very moreish and at less than 109 calories a pack they’re a great thing to try!


I always like trying out new condiments and sauces, so was happy to try the new Brazillian Spicy Churrasco BBQ sauce from Hellmann’s.


The sauce has a BBQ base but a great hit of fruitiness as well as spice so would work well to dip or marinade! Hellmann’s have com up with a great marinade recipe to make some Brazilian Prawns – just in time for the Olympics in Rio so I look forward to trying this one out. I really liked the sauce and would definitely hunt it out again in the supermarket.

Lastly this month a snack that it SO popular at the moment – popcorn. These ‘Scratch & Sniff’ Packs from Cornpoppers come in three different flavours and have the interesting and original addition of being able to scratch a panel on the front of the bag and get a sniff of the flavour inside!


They come in several flavours including the savoury Chilli and Sicilian Lemon and Mexican Jalepno, as well as the sweet Maple Syrup.


‘Cornpoppers’  is a family-owned business based in the West Midlands and one of the longest-established popcorn producers in the UK. I’m really liking popcorn as a snack at the moment and though I still prefer the sweeter versions (the maple syrup really hit the spot!) my love for savoury ones is growing steadily too and I really enjoyed the spice of these two flavours a lot.


Look out for them near you or you can purchase them from Amazon!

Disclosure: Products featured were sent to us to try with no obligation to review, positive or otherwise. If you would like to feature your product with us, please visit our contact page for details!

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