What Imogen Wore: All of the Foxes!

Maybe it’s just because I’m new at this mummy thing, and I’ve never had a real need before to look at clothes for tiny humans,but I didn’t really realise that kids could have ‘trends’! But if they do, it would seem that AW16 is ALL about the fox! There are literally foxes everywhere, and I love it! I’ve tried to be restrained, but foxes are so cute I could literally buy them all. I couldn’t resist a few bits…

A few weeks ago when she was still in 0-3month clothing ( sob- why is she growing up so quick?) she had a cute little fox t-shirt from Next. Sadly she’s grown out of it now. She also didn’t really pose that well for photos a few weeks ago, the little diva!

Also in the same range from Next we bought a gorgeous little dress and winter hat. The hat is still a bit big for her but she tolerates it!

But it’s not just Next that are mad on the fox at the moment. We also found this cute unisex striped fox tee in John Lewis. I’m all about unisex clothing for babies and think the division into boys and girls is made far too easily. You can often find me browsing the boys section for Imogen!



That being said I do like a flash of pink every so often so when I spotted this pink jumper in Asda I snapped it up.

I didn’t even realise until I dressed her the next day that the back? HAS A TAIL! Made my day I tell you.

Whenever you look, wherever you shop, be sure to pick up some foxy clothes this autumn and winter for your little one!! I can’t promise I’m going to stop!!

Disclosure: All items paid for ourselves!


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