Bath time with Vital Baby

Imogen is now just over 8 months old, and although she has always seemed to love being in the bath (apart from a 5 days wobble where she hated it!) she is now getting to the age where properly splashing about and playing with toys during bath time is really coming into its own. Up until now we’ve only had a couple of bath toys, the quintessential rubber duck and swimming tortoise, so I was excited to try out a couple of new toys from Vital Baby with Imogen.


First up was the Float & Slide. I loved the look of this – a floating slide that bobs around in the bath with two cute little ducks on surfboards to slide down it!


The slide was very easy to put together  – a couple of clicks and you are good to go. It’s also made from safe BPA, latex and phthalate free materials so no worries there.



Imogen loved watching the ducks whoosh down the slide and plop into the water. She’s not quite at the age where she can do it herself, but she kept scooping up the duck as it splashed into the water near her feet with a look of joy on her face. The toy is marketed as 18m+, and I think this is because this is likely to be the age that they can play with it themselves, but as children will always be supervised in the bath anyway, I think it would be a great one to use for this younger age group too.

The second toys we tried out were the Swim Rings. These are fully connectable and floatable and come complete with 6 colour coordinated sea themed squirters, a hippo, tortoise, octopus, crab, fish and a starfish.


Like the Float & Slide, they are marketed as 18m+ and  made from safe BPA, latex and phthalate free materials. They are designed to develop counting skills and hand to eye coordination and I think these will be great to use as Imogen grows up and is able to connect and disconnect them herself, and match the colours of the rings to the squirters.


Currently Imogen likes to grab the squirters and squeeze them, and the bright colours keep her very entertained!


I was really impressed with both toys and we’ve been having a lot of fun over the last few weeks using them in the bath and I’m pretty sure the fun will just grow and grow as she does. If you’re buying for a little one of Imogens’ age I would definitely go for the Float & Slide, or they would both be great for slightly older toddlers.

Disclosure: We were gifted the toys from vital baby in return for an honest review of how we found them.

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