My name is Roz and my husbands name is Lee, and together we are ‘TheFoodieCouple’!


Ever since we met one of our main interests has been eating out and eating well. We’ve made it our mission to eat our way round the Michelin Star restaurants of the UK and the world (and maybe a few other slightly less expensive places too!)

We recently got married and on part of our honeymoon to the Lake district we decided we would write a blog about where we’ve been and the meals we’ve had, along with our own attempts at becoming culinary geniuses!!


In our normal day to day lives, hubby is a chef and I am a GP.

As our blog has evolved I now do most of the writing, while my husband contributes by eating a lot of food and offering up his opinions! I also write about lifestyle, travel and local events as well as the extensive amount on food & drink!

I also currently write restaurant reviews and pieces for other publications, please have a look here at my other work

If you would like to work with The Foodie Couple Blog on anything please contact thefoodiecoupleblog@hotmail.com, we’d love to hear from you!

5 thoughts on “About

  1. wattwurmnashi says:

    I like your restaurant reviews, a lot of the places you review I would go to myself, your pictures are good & your descriptions & opinions are helpful. Looking forward to more fine dining from you in my Reader!


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