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Kitchen Bites Christmas Edition!

Hi everyone, for the last Kitchen Bites you might remember that I trialed doing the post as a video over on my you tube channel (check it out and subscribe here if you havent already!) It was really fun to do, but as products have started to pop through the letterbox for the christmas edition and foodie gift guide, I’ve realised it’s not very practical to do another video as a lot of the food is perishable and thus I was having to film the video in tiny sections which was almost impossible! Thus we are back to a good old blog post.

From next year onwards I will be giving the Kitchen Bites Series a rest, but fear not (!) I will still be talking about all my new and favourite foodie products over on instagram instead so pop over and follow me there to keep up with my foodie discoveries.

For the last Kitchen Bites for now its a combination of recent discoveries and things that would make great stocking fillers for your foodie friends.

First up, some sweet treats from a brand called The Treat Kitchen. This company has a few shops, their flagship is in Nottingham I believe, but also can be found on the internet and do a great range of retro and current sweets, and a fabulous line in Christmas specials too. I recently tried a selection, and was impressed with everything from the choice of sweets, to their sleek packaging and great taste.

If you’re looking for something different for Christmas then definitely check them out – we adored the Gin & Tonic Jellies, but also love the sound of the Mulled Wine Bon Bons and Prosecco jellies too!

Next a great present for a cheese lover – a cheese subscription box. from The Welsh Cheese Company you could get 4 lovingly selected cheeses to your door with ‘Clwb Caws’, which means “cheese club” in Welsh. It’ll cost £27 per month including postage and is a great way to discover new cheeses!

We really enjoyed our recent selection – and really loved each of the cheeses. Obviously lee and I disagreed on the best one, he liked the smoked caerffili while I went for the Amber Mist.

If you’re a hot sauce fiend like me then you will love these Cheeky Boy Sauces. They are being launched in an ‘explorer’ size of 150g in time for Christmas. Here’s a little about the 3 sauces!

I must say The German Hot Sauce isn’t quite to my palate, but the other two are fantastic!

Christmas isn’t Christmas without some of Cadbury’s favourite chocolate treats, and this year is no exception with a great range of different Christmassy offerings.


We always have some of their tree decorations on the tree ( usually gone waaaaay before Christmas day!) and I love the look of these tiny santas!

Another hot sauce, and this time one that is local to me – Pips Hot Sauce. I’ve known her sauces now for several years and they never fail to disappoint. Her trademark La Boca Del Diablo is shown in the picture below but check out her spicy hot ketchup and BBQ sauces as well which ROCK!


For festive nibbles, you need to have some crisps around, and Burts have recently launched two new flavours – Spit Roast Steak and Hamageddon, so if you like your crisps meaty and that pack a punch – these are two to certainly try out!


Lastly for this review, a new cookbook about Danish eating – Scandinavian trends are all the rage at the moment aren’t they with Hygge and such like, so why not try the food as well. This book by Caroline Flemming and published by Jacqui Small ( RRP £25) is shot on location in Denmark, celebrates the very best of Danish cuisine. Drawing on age-old family recipes, Caroline shares over 100 delicious and authentic dishes, each of them able to boost your sense of wellbeing, both inside and out. Sounds good to me!


My favourite recipe so far has to be the one below – Poussin casserole with a cucumber salad, so easy to make and delicious too.


So that’s it for Kitchen Bites for now. Be sure to follow me over on instagram where I will continue to share my favourite foodie discoveries.

Thanks to all the brands above who have gifted products for this blog post, no further renumeration was received. 

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Kitchen Bites #25: August & September 2017

This months Kitchen Bites is in a slightly different format – a video! I thought I would film a video over for my youtube channel of all this months yummy goodies, so instead of replicating it here, I’ve linked the video below!

We’ve got oaty goodness from Quaker, healthy chickpea crips from Hippeas, noodles, spice blends and a few cookbooks to look at too!

I hope you enjoy, and I’d love you to let me know what you think in the comments!

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Kitchen Bites #23 May 2017

Another month has flown by. Imogen is another month older. I’m a month nearer to going back to work after maternity leave. Another month of goodies in our kitchen.

Firstly this month from a brand I haven’t come across before – MOR. MOR sausages are offer something a little bit different to your normal pork sausage. They are all gluten free and made with less fat and salt than a traditional sausage.

There’s range of exciting and unusual flavours; Mediterranean Chicken with Sundried Tomato & Basil chipolatas, Pork, Beetroot & Bramley Apple Sausages as well as Moroccan Spiced Pork with cauliflower and chickpeas and Supergreen Pork and green lentil.

Find them RRP £3.00 exclusively at Tesco.

Next up, a brand I definitely have heard of, Yutaka. We are no strangers to this Japanese brand and often seek out their products in the supermarket, so I was happy to try out some of their products. Some, like the rice wine vinegar and panko breadcrumbs we are familiar with, others not so much.

As well as these store cupboard staples I was really intrigued by the Miso and Yakiniku sauces, both of which I am pleased to report are delicious. Yutaka really do allow authentic recreation of Japanese food at home with their wide range of products, they have never let us down!

Another well known brand up next, and Heinz have expanded their ‘Seriously Good’ range to include some new sauces. The range inlcudes

  •     Creamy Chive Sauce
  •     Creamy Pepper Sauce
  •     Creamy Tomato & Garlic Sauce
  •     Creamy Béarnaise

The sauces are versatile and ready to use and are available in Sainsbury’s and Morrisons, These great tasting condiments are the perfect way to add excitement and liven up everyday meals. So far we’ve managed to try the Pepper sauce with steak and the Chive sauce in both some potato salad and with a simple supper of seabass and new potatoes. Both hit the spot!

Next up, Adagio Teas. Now I do like trying out new teas and adagio were kind enough to send me of samples of a lot of their popular teas.

They have sooooo many to choose from, I can’t even begin to list them all here, but we loved all the ones we tried. The samples arrived in sealed plastic so they were kept very fresh. A few favourites of the many that we have tried over the last month or so are the Chocolate Chai, Rooibos Vanilla and Earl Gray Bravo.

Lastly this month, and for once, something for Imogen to try! Organic sent over a range of their snack products for her to test out. We were already familiar with the brand, and have already tried and repurchased the Sweetcorn rings several times – they are already a favourite in this house, but we hadn’t tried either the Strawberry baby biscuits or the Carrot Sticks.

Imogen loved the carrot sticks, the pack was demolished over the course of a couple of days. She also seemed to love the flavour of the biscuits and had a good suck on them, but as she only has two teeth struggled a little bit to chew them enough to swallow currently. I’m pretty sure that in a month or two though that they will be demolished just as quickly!

Disclosure: Thanks to all the above brands for the samples, no other payment was recieved. If your brand would like to feature their products in my Kitchen Bites, please do get in touch via our contact page.

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Kitchen Bites #22 March & April 2017

March and April have been pretty busy for us on the blog, we’ve been trying out a few new places  eat like Giggling Squid and Sushido as well as trying out some new bits and bobs for Imogen like these bath toys from Vital Baby. But as usual we’ve also been testing out new foodie things in our kitchen. First up this month is a really exciting new cookbook – ‘London The Cookbook’ which looks fantastic.

This book, which has a foreword by Fergus Henderson, is a collection of recipes from some of Londons most Iconic restaurants and locations. Split into sections including classics like Le Gavroche up and coming hip places like The Dairy, markets neighbourhoods and producers. There look to be some really amazing recipes like the one below from The Dairy.

We’ve tried out a couple so far and thereby both been big hits. There’s a good mix of both high end complex recipes and the more simple, so something for everyone, and I’m loving reading about all the restaurants too.

On to some of the food bits we’ve been trying, and the first of these is some new flavours of Doritos! Doritos aren’t always our crisp of choice, but these new Doritos Heatburst sounded right up my street as I love a bit of spice.

The premise is a double wave of flavour – first a hit of BBQ or Chipotle Cream, then a explosion of fiery chilli.


The double flavour was certainly evident, and overall I enjoyed them but they aren’t something  would particularly go out of my way to buy over and over again.

Next up are some herb and spice grinders from KTC. These were a great addition to our pantry as I recently cleared out our spice racks and had to throw quite a lot away as they were way past their expiry dates so we are slowly building it back up again.

The KCT grinders are available in Premium Peri Peri Spice, Pure Ginger Pieces, Premium Everyday Spice, Premium Chilli Flakes, Premium Chilli & Garlic, Pure Himalayan Salt, Authentic Cajun Spice, Premium Garlic, Ginger and Chill, Authentic Chinese Spice, Pure Garlic Flakes, Indian Turmeric Pieces. We tried out the ones below.


The best of these I think was the Peri Peri spice – as its just so versatile, great with chicken, fish and in pasta sauces. The others come in more useful in just adding seasoning to dishes, Ive never seen dried tumeric or garlic pieces so these were interesting to see! I like the sound of the cajun spice too so I’ll certainly be on the lookout for that one.

Last up this month are some juices from Naked.

This new range from Naked features cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices, packed full of flavour and things that are good for you!


The first things that struck me was the vibrancy of the colours of the juice – instantly so appealing. They come in three flavours – Bright Greens, Lively Carrot and Bold Beet.

The Bright greens with apple, cucumber, lettuce, spinach, celery, courgette lemon and wheatgrass was my favourite, but I also enjoyed the carrot too. The beetroot one with carrot cucumber lemon and ginger wasn’t for me, but then I don’t like beetroot so no surprises there.


I would certainly buy the Bright Greens variety again, it would be great for a morning pick me up when out and about.

Disclosure: Products in this article were sent free of charge for consideration of review. All opinions are our own. If you are a brand looking for feature your product, gadget or book please get in touch at