Spanish Chicken Bake

One-Pot Spanish Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake

Sometimes we all want dinner with minimum hassle and effort. It’s all too easy in these situation to reach into the freezer or dial up your favourite takeaway. But in an effort to do this less, its great to have some recipes up your sleeve that don’t require too much input, and also don’t result in much washing up!

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Healthy Chicken Kebabs with Wholewheat Flatbreads, Mango Salsa & Mint Yoghurt Dressing

Like everyone, I’m partial to fast food every so often, its quick and convenient and usually very tasty but more often than not, it’s not very healthy. So what if you could make your own alternative fast food recipe at home? When I was asked to develop a healthy ‘fast food alternative’ for the Ramsay Health Care Campaign I thought it would be a great chance to experiment. Trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle is very important, and choosing to eat well is a part of this, BUT it doesn’t mean that food has to be boring. Continue reading

tempura monkfish with nuoc cham

Tempura Monkfish Cheeks with Nuoc Cham

Food box subscriptions are getting a little bit silly at the moment. There’s so many out there it can be tempting to keep signing up, especailly as the welcome offers are often so appealing and enticing. But after the initial ‘50% off’ or ‘first month free’ offers wear off you can run the risk of paying a lot of money for things you really don’t get the use out of. A couple of months ago I felt I was falling into this category so had a serious ‘subscription box clear out’ and cancelled them all. Except one. Coast & Glen Fishbox survived the cut because it really was the only one I felt was well worth the money.


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Scallop and Chorizo Paella

Scallop & Chorizo Paella

Paella must be one of the most iconic Spanish dishes. It might seem complicated, but in reality it’s a pretty simple and very satisfying one pot dish, perfect for something like a dinner party.  Seafood paellas are arguably the most traditional, but one of the great things about them is you can alter them to your tastes, for example chicken and chorizo or Shellfish with mussels and King Prawns or any combination in between! Scallops are one of my favourite things so I wanted to to combine them with fiery smoky chorizo.

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Jamie Oliver Tikka Massala

Tried & Tested: Jamie Olivers Chicken Tikka Masala with our Homemade Raita & Spicy Pickles

I always like trying out recipes from books – it’s a good job as we have over 100 now, its becoming a small  big obsession! I’ve talked before about not particularly loving Jamie Oliver, but the older I get the more he’s growing on me. I guess I’m still not a great fan of his shows, but I do like his recipes – more so the books he’s done the recent years. We tried out his Winters Night Chilli not too long ago and have ben enjoying cooking from his Comfort Food Book. In an effort to avoid the Saturday Night Takeaway, a few weeks ago we thought we’d have a go at his Chicken Tikka Masala recipe, and boy was it a good one.

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