Review: Tommee Tippee Steamer Blender

I can’t really believe how time has flown this past few months and Imogen is now almost 6 months old. A couple of weeks ago we decided the time was right to start on our weaning journey. After doing A LOT of reading about weaning, traditional vs. Baby Led, we decided that for the first few weeks we just wanted to give Imogen her first tastes of different foods, in pureé form. When she is past 6 months we are going to introduce finger foods alongside, but for the first 2-3 weeks it was to be pureés only, mainly for playing with and tasting without any real desire to actually make her eat any!

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Spanish Chicken Bake

One-Pot Spanish Chicken & Sweet Potato Bake

Sometimes we all want dinner with minimum hassle and effort. It’s all too easy in these situation to reach into the freezer or dial up your favourite takeaway. But in an effort to do this less, its great to have some recipes up your sleeve that don’t require too much input, and also don’t result in much washing up!

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Pistachio & Chocolate Madeleines

One of my little ‘stocking filler’ Christmas pressies this Christmas from the other half was a cute little madeline tray for baking the perfect little cake treats. I’ve used it a few times now and this flavour combination of pistachio and chocolate is one of my favourite to make. Madeleines are great as a bit of a treat because they are really light – meaning you can eat more of them of course!

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Imogens’ Wardrobe Wishlist

Ok, so I realise when I entitled this blog post ‘Imogen’s Wardrobe Wishlist’ what I really should call it is ‘Mummy’s obsessed with baby clothes Wishlist’ as I’m pretty sure that my 5 month old daughter doesn’t give a toss about what she’s wearing! If she did its likely she’d rip the pretty bows that I adorn her with off that gorgeous little head of hers in protest!

I’m currently picking up some bits and pieces of 6-9 month clothing for when she turns 6months at the beginning of February, or slightly before as she is already 17lb 5 and 3-6 month things are fast becoming just a little bit snug! All the clothes below are top of my hit list! 


  1. Unicorn bodysuits three pack: Next
  2. Winter mint bear leggings: Fred & Noah 

  3. Heart print sweat top: Mothercare

  4. Blue Zebra Joggers: H&M

  5. Pink Bolt Leggings: Lottie & Lysh

My husband might say I’m a little crazy over clothing featuring animals, particularly woodland creatures and unicorns so when I saw the vests they went straight to the top of the list. I’ve also loved finding out about small business selling children’s clothes and other bits and bobs and boy, are there a lot of them, but my current faves are Lottie & Lysh and I love these bolt leggings from their new range. 

Read on for some more things that have caught my eye!


  1. Blue Heart Dress with Tuille Skirt: H&M
  • Raccoon embroidered pinafore dress: Next

  • Happy Monster Leggings: Lottie & Lysh 

  • Pink slogan jumper: Next

  • Stonewash Jeans with lace detail: H&M

  • Although I do love supporting small business, it can be more expensive and thus a lot of what we buy is still from the high street. My favourite shops are Next and H&M, the latter is so well priced too. And if we’re talking supermarkets then I find Sainsbury’s and Tesco a cut above the rest.

     What’s on your babies wardrobe wish list at the moment? 


    Review: Asda Little Angels Comfort Dry

    Ok so I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a nappy snob. I know I know, I’ve only been changing nappies for a matter of 4 or 5 months now but I was always of the mindset that only a certain nappy (insert famous nappy brand name here!) would do for my little angel. Saying this we have tried out a couple of other brands, mainly when I couldn’t find any decent offers on, so we have tried several makes over our short time in nappy changing! So when Asda got in touch to see if we would like to try some of the Little Angels Comfort Dry nappies, I thought sure lets give it a go.



    Imogen is now in size 3 nappies (oh how time flies!) so these are the ones we’ve been using  – currently they’re priced at £3.75 for a 50pk on the Asda website, but I believe they’re also often on offer in the 3 for £10 deal, so they compare pretty favourably to their rivals.

    First off I must say that I was really impressed with the bright and colourful design, and they obviously catch Imogen’s eye too as she will often make a grab for one from the side of the changing table!


    Little Angels are said to be incredibly soft and absorbent, and so far I would agree – we’ve had no leaks and I’ve been impressed by the way they have managed overnight as well with no damp skin in the mornings. The elasticated leg cuffs are really soft and I’ve not noticed them leave any marks, but still do their job really well.


    Little Angels also have a size guide on the front waistband of its Newborn, Supreme Protection and Comfort Dry nappies –  to help mums understand when it might be time for baby to move up a size. This is done by indicating where the tabs should fasten on the nappy; if they fall outside of this area, it’s usually time to try the next size up! I can see this being a really useful feature, as is the time-to-change wetness indicator.


    Overall we’ve been really impressed with the Little Angels nappies, and wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

    Disclosure: The nappies were sent to us for the purpose of review, with no expectation of a positive write up.