Review: Brewhouse and Kitchen Sutton Coldfield

Brewhouse and Kitchen in Sutton Coldfield has been around for a little while now, but is somewhere we have never got round to trying. I first thought it was an independent pub & kitchen, but turns out there’s quite a few of them across the country, mostly in the south. They also all boast an in house microbrewery, which must be a good draw for the beer lovers amongst us.

As well as the pub and restaurant, they run beer masterclasses and brewery experience days too, the former of which we are going to try out at the newly opened Lichfield branch soon, so watch this space for that!

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Review: Sushido, Sutton Coldfield

When you find a new localish restaurant that you LOVE, and end going three times in as many weeks (quite an achievement with a 7 month old!) it’s very exciting. Well, that’s exactly whats happened with Sushido, the new Sushi and Noodle Bar in Sutton Coldfield.

Great sushi is few and far between in this area, there’s a couple of decent places now in the city centre – Sushi Passion being the best so finding somewhere good close to home is a real win. As well as a long list of sushi rolls, sashimi and nigiri, they do noodle dishes, rice dishes and a few specials too. They also do take out. This could be dangerous.

The first time we went we just had sushi and then the following times have tried a few hot dishes too. My only small complaint is that the range of fish they use is a little limited – salmon, tuna, eel and prawn. I would like to see some other fish options like seabass or yellowtail. If it was purely a sushi bar, this might be more of a problem, but due to the hot options it’s much less so.

Over our visits we’ve tried:

  • Avocado Cucumber Maki  – Avocado, Cucumber and Japanese Mayonnaise
  • Mango Cucumber Maki – Mango, Cucumber and Japanese Mayonnaise
  • Spicy Tuna Maki  – Inside-out roll with Chilli Tuna, Avocado, Cucumber, Spring Onion with toasted Sesame Seeds
  • Tuna Teriyaki Maki – Pan fried Tuna, Teriyaki sauce, Asparagus and Lettuce
  • Salmon Mango Maki – Pan fried Salmon in Mango Juice, Asparagus and Lettuce
  • Tuna Sashimi
  • Chicken Pad-Thai – Steamed Breast Chicken, Rice Stick Noodles, Egg, Asian vegetables, Fried Tofu wok tossed in Pad-Thai sauce and Crushed Roasted Peanuts
  • Prawn Tempura

Our absolute favourite is the Spicy Tuna Maki – really amazing, but all the sushi was really good. It still doesn’t beat Sushi Passion but it’s doing a great job! All the food is prepared fresh, and you can see the sushi chef working and preparing your order behind the sushi bar.

Lee adored the Pad Thai, naming it one of the best he has had and the tempura batter on the prawns was amazing too.

This place is fast becoming our new favourite haunt and its pretty well priced too – definitely one worth trying out!

Child Friendly? So-so. We haven’t taken the pram in as theres a huge step up from the pavement through the front door, and its pretty small too with only about 6 booths and then the sushi bar too. If you’re little ones big enough for a highchair though it would be fine – we have our own high chair and we take it in – the Phil & Teds Lobster (see below) but I’ve not actually seen any highchairs in there so you’d have to check if they have any. They do have a decent changing table in one of the toilets though so you’re sorted on that front.

Disclosure: Paid in Full on all occasions.

Review: Hot Woks Noodle Bar

Despite living pretty close and it being where I grew up,  Sutton Coldfield is not somewhere we often venture to anymore, especially since our favourite tapas restaurant changed hands then closed down, but last weekend after Imogens swimming lesson we popped over in search of some new stationary (they have a Paperchase!) and some yummy fast food.


Step up, Hot Woks, a new noodle bar that opened only about 6 weeks ago. It’s only a little place, but does have four tables and a few seats at the counter so you can eat in, or if you wish you can take away. The concept is pretty simple – you choose the type of noodle or rice you want, the protein and the sauce and then your dish is cooked from scratch. There’s also appetisers and specials too.



They pride themselves on the quality of their locally sourced meat and homemade sauces with absolutely no MSG.

We chose a couple of their popular appetisers – Schezuan Spring Rolls and Chicken Gyozas. Both were light and tasty, and not greasy. A must for that type of fried food.


I went for the Vermicelli noodles with chicken and Pad Thai sauce whilst Lee also went for Chicken but with the Rice Ribbon Noodles and Chinese BBQ sauce. Protein wise you can also get Prawns, Slow Cooked Beef, Quorn, Tofu or Mushroom and they have loads of sauces including Teriyaki, Garlic Spare Rib, Laksa, Kung Po and more.



We both thoroughly enjoyed our noodle dishes and it was great knowing that the sauces weren’t filled with additives and fake flavour. The portions were really generous and really filled our post swimming void.

Hot Woks is a lovely new offering for Sutton and would be great for lunch on the run, a post work bites to eat or a weekend take out feast!

Disclosure: We were invited down to eat at Hot Woks and the meal was free of charge, we were not asked to provide a positive review. 

Review: Eleon Greek

Back in June, whilst trying to make the most of our pre baby freedom, we headed to a place that had long been on our list to try out – Eleon, a Greek restaurant in Sutton Coldfield. A family run place, it claims to import the best of Greek ingredients as well as sourcing local produce too.

It’s a pretty big place, and although we ate early, it was very busy on the Saturday night and I think would have a great atmosphere. Continue reading

Review: Thai Brasserie, Sutton Coldfield

On my continuing quest to hunt our great local eateries, next stop was Thai Brasserie on Beeches Walk in Sutton Coldfield. I headed over with my friend L, back from university for a few days for a good catch up.

Both lovers of Thai food we were a bit spoilt for choice, the menu was jam packed with Thai favourites.

For starter I can rarely see past the Chicken satay, and a bad one often doesn’t bode well for the rest of the meal as you can see here. Luckily this satay was very good. Moist (hate that word!) chicken and a fiery delicious peanut sauce, although a little oily. L went for the Prawn Dumpling which she felt was perfectly cooked and particular praise to the accompanying sticky sweet soy dipping sauce, which I also tried and declared a hit! We also shared another of my all time favourites, a Yum salad with Beef. This version was excellently executed, super hot (just the way it should be) and full of crunchy fresh veg and herbs with tender beef.




Mains wise, I strayed from my usual Stir fry type main course and opted for the Thai Red Curry with Chicken and some sticky rice. This was packed full of chicken and thai vegetables and was also very spicy, making my eyes water a little! I loved it ( although I got through two large glasses of water) but I think some might find it too spicy. L had the King Prawn Pad Thai, which looked superb with copious large plump prawns.



Another great find in our local area, and there was me thinking there wasn’t any good Thai food in Brum, I’ve now found quite a few! Where’s your favourite Thai?


Disclosure: We paid in full for our meal